You spoke, we listened.

Over the last 4 years, DrinkWell has become more than just a "beverage catering company." We discovered a disconnect between the chef-driven food served at our events, and the apparent lack of quality in the corresponding wine and beverage programs. Further, with sustainability now being all too critical, we found a way to not only improve the quality of wine & beverage at our events, but also a way to choose world-class beverage that was a lot more friendly to the world around us.

Now, in 2013, here's a list of things we've become really good at:

1. Helping our event-friends build a more quality-driven and sustainable wine & beverage program for their events.

This is where it all began. Destination Management companies have used us to write beverage programs for galas, pair 9-course dinners, even provide private tastings to their favorite clients. The trick? We use experienced Sommeliers and other professionals who incorporate the beverage into the overall theme and aesthetic of the event - not the other way around. It's so much fun to see the difference good wine makes!

2. Helping our friends at public & private companies host their own in-house tasting events.

Deloitte, The National Archives, PriceWaterhouse Cooper, and United States Green Building Council (USGBC) all have something in common: they've hired DrinkWell to facilitate tastings for their clients, employees, and their 'archivists' (guess which one that was). Private wine tastings are a proven way to build moral for your staff, entertain a client in a unique way, and learn about the one thing we all enjoy but know very little about... wine!

3. Helping our restaurant friends produce a profitable beverage program - and train them how to celebrate it.

Building a dynamic and profitable wine & beverage program for a restaurant is really hard. Training staff on wine, beverage, and sales knowledge is even harder, and then you have to store your product correctly and establish inventory controls. Phew. DrinkWell has cost-effective ways to build a beverage program that works in tandem to your overall hospitality and financial goals.

4. Helping our wine-centric friends plan wine programs for weddings, and host wine tastings at their homes.

When we first began, we got a lot of calls from folks that were planning weddings, but didn't know how to get good, quality wine at the right price. DrinkWell now does weddings of all sizes, intimate home tastings & pairings, as well as wine education. We've even done a bachelorette party or two... no kidding!